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Handmade. Sterling silver optional 9ct yellow or rose gold.Janana; meaning birth, bearing, bringing forth - from the Indian Marathi-English dictionary.Janana Moon pendants are handmade to order, using recycled sterling silver; 9ct gold, ensuring your birth luna is unique to you. The ancient cycle of the moon has had mysterious and profound influences on the world since the beginning of human existence. This great mass moves through space, changing how it presents itself to us, teaching us the cycles of life, yin yang, dark and light. The face the moon reveals to us at our time of birth is a fascinating coincidence of a moment beyond human control, adding a unique aspect to your individuality. The gift of your Janana Moon pendant is a treasure honouring your journey with this world, and its ever-changing moments. To further customise your Moon, a silver, yellow gold, or rose gold border are your choice.

Janana moon pendant

SKU: 20
Boarder Color
  • Moon - approx 18mm across, 1mm thick

    45cm Sterling Silver belcher

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