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Meet jeweller Jess

Growing up along some of Australia’s stunning coastlines I was never short for inspiration to create. The textures, colours, patterns, materials all fascinated me, and I learnt a respect of nature through this appreciation.

From a young age, I created, regularly drawing and re-creating trinkets I had been given. When I started my jeweller's apprenticeship I had no idea what was involved but became quickly enthralled with the complexities of the art. I completed my apprenticeship with Diamond Boutique of Canberra, whose high end, fast-paced, strikingly unique character set me off on the right foot into the jewellery world. They also taught me older techniques, such as using a torch that is controlled by my breathe. This ‘breath of fire’ inspired the logo and name, Jvala meaning flame in Indian Ma….-Engklish dictionary, the triangle a symbol for fire and alchemy, and the centre ‘J’ (also my hallmark)

Manufacturing jewellery is a humbling process, taking matter that the Earth has gifted us, and reforming it with my own hands into an item someone will cherish. The sentimental value I believe jewellery holds is why I choose to handmake my products so that each piece has its own individual touch.

My love of nature also brings me to be mindful of sustainability, utilising recycled silver and eco-friendly packaging. I also very much encourage remodelling, as it reuses already owned materials that also have sentiment, giving a second life.

My love for creating and nature is something I love to share, so I also host workshops. These vary from 1:1 ring making sessions, to group mala bead workshops.


For me creating jewellery is the perfect creative collaboration with the Earth.

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